Springfield Speedway Reunion fast approaching!

Springfield Speedway Front Gate

With the Springfield Speedway Reunion just around the corner we are receiving some media attention that helps us spread the word.

I will be on AM1450 with Sam Madonia and Shawn Balint on July 31st at 8:10 A.M., in addition both the Lincoln Courier and the Statre Journal Register did nice stories about the event in the past few weeks.

Reprinted from the Lincoln Courier
Lincoln Speedway to revive old memories of Springfield Speedway

Lincoln, Ill.
Lincoln Speedway, in conjunction with Midwest Speed, Inc. and Terry Young, eagerly awaits “Springfield Speedway Reunion – Reliving the Good Times” event on Sunday, Aug. 16.

In 2012 Young commemorated the 25th anniversary of Springfield Speedway’s closing and was overwhelmingly supported with more than 800 people attending the festivities at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Old friendships were rekindled, people caught up with each other and many spent hours looking over all of the old racing memorabilia that people brought to display.

This year’s event will be highlighted by an evening of racing at Lincoln Speedway. The night will include Non-Wing Sprints, Lightning Sprints, Pro Crate Late Model, Modified and Hornet divisions. In addition to the normal payoff, each division will see the A-Main events pay a bonus of $20 per lap to the lap leader made possible by sponsors. Additionally, a trophy will be presented to each winner.

The event will also include many of the drivers who raced at the old speedway, along with some of the actual restored cars that turned laps on the famous track built by Joe Shaheen.

Young encourages all former competitors, their families and fans to attend the free event and bring with them any old memorabilia they might like to display and share. If someone brings something to display, they will keep possession of it. So bring out your old helmets, pictures, scrap books and firesuits.

Many of the former drivers have already expressed their excitement at the prospect of reuniting once again with old friends they haven’t seen for a while and reminiscing and remembering some of our friends who we have lost over the years. Al Thomas, Jeff Moe, Bill Morris, Dean Shirley, Dick Trout, “Jungle Jim” Davison, Ed Bauman, Dick Taylor, Tony Merrick, Jim Moughan, Jr., Mark Hart, Jeff Mackay, Gary Clark, Rick, Randy, Ron and Rob Standridge, Rick Pennell, Steve Sheppard and many others have all expressed their intent to attend the extravaganza,

The reunion is free to attend and begins at noon. If you choose to stay for the evenings races, there will be a ticket purchase required for grandstand admission. Tickets for the races will be $12 for adults, children ages 11-18 are $7 and 10 and under are free.

There will be several Lifetime Achievement Awards that will be given at the event to honor several individuals for their achievements at the Springfield track.

If you have any questions, you can contact the event coordinator Terry Young at 217.553.1963 or e-mail at hoosieris1@aol.com. You can also like our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SpringfieldSpeedwayReunion.

Lincoln Speedway is located on the Logan County Fairgrounds at 1408 Short 11th St. in Lincoln.

Young has also joined forces with nationally renowned racing author Joyce Standridge in producing a book of “Fast Memories: Remembering the Springfield Speedway 1947 – 1987″ that will be available for purchase at the event. The book contains stories written by Standridge and hundreds of photos from the Marv Scattergood Collection, Horcher Brothers Photos, Chuck Lynch, Jeff Moe and others who contributed photos from their personal collections. The book will also be available from the premier auto racing publisher Coastal 181.


Reprinted from the State Journal Register
Logan County Fairgrounds to host 2015 Springfield Speedway Reunion
By Marcia Martinez, Staff Writer

Terry Young was one of the estimated 1,200 race fans who filled Springfield Speedway on Sunday nights.

The final race was held in September 1987 at the quarter-mile dirt track on Springfield’s north side. The memories linger for people like Young who spent many summer nights at the racetrack located on the southeast corner of Clear Lake Avenue and Dirksen Parkway.

His fondness for the place prompted him to organize the “Springfield Speedway Reunion: Reliving the Good Times” event Aug. 16 from noon-5 p.m. at Lincoln Speedway on the Logan County Fairgrounds. The event is free and will take place rain or shine.

“We can relive when times were maybe a little simpler,” Young said. “So many people spent every Sunday night at Springfield Speedway. I started going there when I was 10. I didn’t play baseball or basketball. My whole life revolved around racing. If it was rained out my whole week was shot.”

In 2012, Young organized a reunion to commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the closing of Springfield Speedway — also known as Shaheen’s, Little Springfield or Joe’s. It drew over 800 people at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.
Do it again

The reunion’s success led Young to do it again. “Normally, you want to do a reunion every five years,” he said. “With the people we are dealing with, most of them are becoming of an older age. We’ve lost a handful of people since the last reunion. We wanted to try to do it again before we lose more of the drivers and rekindle old friendships.”

Restored cars that raced at the speedway built by Joe Shaheen in 1947 are expected to be on display. Young wants people to bring memorabilia such as helmets, photographs, scrapbooks and firesuits. Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented.

The move from the state fairgrounds to Lincoln Speedway allows the reunion to include actual racing. Cars in non-wing sprints, lightning sprints, pro crate late model, modified and hornet divisions will take to the track in the evening. A ticket must be purchased to attend the races.
The reunion will also serve as a book launch for “Fast Memories: Remembering the Springfield Speedway 1947-1987.” Its co-authors are Young and Joyce Standridge, who grew up attending races at the speedway.

“One of the best moments at the last reunion was seeing Dean Shirley and Ronnie Milton, who were arch-rivals, competitors and frontrunners, and seeing them standing there, shaking hands and talking about the good old days when they were racing,” Young said. “Ronnie has since passed away.

“The reunion is about getting people together. We’re trying to give them a chance to talk about the good old days before they’re gone.”

For more information contact Young at 553-1963 or hoosiers1@aol.com. The reunion also has a Facebook page at Springfield Speedway Reunion.

Contact Marcia Martinez: 788-1547, marcia.martinez@sj-r.com. twitter.com/MMartinezSJR.


SPRINGFIELD SPEEDWAY Reunion to be held in August, 2015 at Lincoln Speedway!!!!

Springfield Speedway signage on corner of property

Midwest Speed, Inc. is pleased to annouce that we will be coordinating and producing another Springfield Speedway Reunion. The event is slated to be held on Sunday, August 16, 2015 at the Lincoln Speedway in Lincoln, Illinois. Promoter Kenny Dobson and Track Owners Norm and Yvonne Horn have embraced the reunion and offered their facilites for the event!

The Springfield Speedway reunion which was held in 2012 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the track closing was a huge success. Nearly 800 people attended that event held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Since that time, we have lost several longtime competitors at the Speedway and several have experienced health conditions, this prompted us to decide to put together another event and enable people to get together and reminisce the old days at the Midwest speedplant which was known across the nation.

Lincoln pavilion 1Lincoln pavilion 2

The reunion will kick off the day and after the reunion a full night of racing is on tap. The reunion is free to attend, a ticket purchase will be required in order to enter the grandstand area to observe the races. The race card will include Non-Wing Sprint Cars, Pro-Crate Late Models, Modifieds, Lightning Sprints and Hornets.

We encourage those attending to bring along your photo albums, memorabilia and lots of stories to tell! Our main goal will be to facilitate getting everyone back together to share memories and smiles with old friends.

If you have questions please feel free to contact Terry Young at (217) 553-1963
Also, if you would like to have your name added to our mailing list, drop us a line at MidwestSpeedInc@aol.com

Springfield Speedway Front Gate

The reunion is underwritten and produced by our great sponsors! Support them when you have the opportunity to do so. Without their help this would not be possible.

I am pleased to announce that we have lap sponsors for EVERY LAP of EVERY DIVISION that will race at the Springfield Speedway Reunion on August 16th at Lincoln Speedway!

Additionally we will have $150.00 payout for the Hornet Division in honor of the Memory of John Osman and George Goodall, along with a beautiful trophy for the A-Main winner of EACH CLASS OF RACING!

A huge THANK YOU to not only the lap sponsors but also to our presenting sponsors and trophy sponsors for their support as well.

Steve Thomas Racing
ROUTE 66 Model Raceway – Mark Moughan
GTS Motorsports Tom Sheppard
Conaway Handyman Service, LLC
Jungle Jim’s Cafe
Barrick Enterprises
Eileen Shaheen and Joann Adcock in honor of Grandfather JOE SHAHEEN
John and Rick Pennell
Riverton’s Party Store Barry Brown, Jeb, Erica Brown and Boozer
Halls Harley-Davidson Larry Hughes and Diane Hughes
Barrick Enerprises John Barrick
GTS Motorsports Tommy Sheppard Sr.
McQuinn Motorsports #14 Dennis McQuinn and Dave McQuinn

Non Wing Sprint A-Main
A-Main Winners Trophy In Memory of Ron Milton

Lap 1 Joe’s Garage, Doug Douglas Morris Towanda, IL.
Lap 2 Cory Kindhart in honor of Jim Campbell ‪#‎7c‬
Lap 3 Illini Mini Storage In Honor of Maria Sheppard
Lap 4 Canham Graphics Bill and Doug Canham
Lap 5 Joe & Lavina Roberts
Lap 6 Security Photo Joe Joseph Putnam
Lap 7 Tim Glenn
Lap 8 Wayne Stearns in Memory of Ron Milton!
Lap 9 Capital City Utility in Memory of Don “FAT MAN” McBride
Lap 10 In Honor of Ron Standridge, Last Springfield Speedway Sprint Champ 1987
Lap 11 Farmer Metalworks Kyle Farmer Elkhart, IL.
Lap 12 Farmer Metalworks Kyle Farmer Elkhart, IL
Lap 13 In memory of John “Jack” Barrick, Former President of Midwest Racing Assn. and Owner of the Famous Bardahl Special Black Deuce
Lap 14 Kevin Crowder – In honor of Bea and Bill Camfield
Lap 15 Alan Crowder – In honor of Bea and Bill Camfield
Lap 16 Terry Young in memory of Ron Milton
Lap 17 In Memory of Howard Lehmann and in honor Mean Dean in the #17!
Lap 18 Rich Higdon
Lap 19 Capital City Utility, Jay McCann in honor of Ron Cook
Lap 20 Steve Thomas Racing Ludlow, IL.
Lap 21 In Memory of Willard Bess by Roger Bess
Lap 22 GTS Motorsports Tom Tommy Sheppard Sr.
Lap 23 – Troy Hogan In honor of Butch Garner
Lap 24 Robert Robert Bert Moore Painting
Lap 25 Joe’s Garage, Doug Morris Towanda, IL

A-Main Winners Trophy in Memory of Marvin Scattergood

1. Zach Higdon
2. In Memory of Bob Leka and 02 LEKA BROS. Racing by Jeb Brown
3. Troy Hogan in honor of Jeff Leka 3L
4. In memory of Corky Myers by Jerry Myers
5. In Celebration of Hector Honore Day by Stan King
6. In honor of C.A.R.S. Club by Former President Jim Callarman
7. In Memory of Norm Scantlin #96 by his Daughter Debbie and Grandkids
8. Lincoln Speedway Memories 1948-1968 in Memory of Lloyd Caldwell 8 Ball
9. In Celebration of Hector Honore Day by Stan King
10. In Memory of Gary Walters #29 by Jim Dressendorfer
11. In Memory of Flyin’ Eyeball Gene Henson by Barry Brown, Riverton’s Party Store
12. In Memory of George Handley, Jr. by Aaron Bauman
13. In Honor of the Illinois Racing Hall of Fame by Stan King
14. In Honor iof Dean Shirley by McQuinn Bros. Racing #14
15. In Honor of the Illinois Racing Hall of Fame by Stan King
16. In Celebration of Hector Honore Day by Stan King
17. Mackay Engines – Jeff Mackay #28
18. In Honor of Randy Myers Racing by Jerry Myers
19. In Honor of our Father Gary Fox #19 by Nathan and Austin Fox
20. Darin Stewart in Memory of Kenny Dolenack

A-Main Winners Trophy in Memory of Hank Handley

1. Terry Young in honor of my longtime friend Ed Bauman #66
2. In Memory of Bob Leka and 02 LEKA BROS. Racing by Jeb Brown
3. In honor of Grandson and Future Racer Zach Taylor by Tony Merrick
4. In honor of My Son-in-Law Matt Taylor #24 by Tony Merrick
5. In memory of Jay Akers #52 by Mark Audi
6. Terry Young in honor of my longtime friend Tony Merrick #68
7. In Memory of Herschel Jenkins by Barry Brown, Riverton’s Party Store
8. In Memory of Susie Farley-Power V8, Forever in our Hearts
9. In honor of cousin Mark Hart #9 by Tony Merrick
10. In Memory of Gary Walters #67 by Jim Dressendorfer
11.Shannon Eskew in Memory of Randy Eskew
12. In Memory of George Handley, Jr. by Aaron Bauman
13. In Memory of Grandma and Grandpa Heather by Brandon Eskew
14. In Memory of Gary Walters by Bauman Motorsports
15. In honor of Ed Bauman – Thanks for all the fun times we had by Jim Dressendorfer
16. In Memory of Joaquin Parga by Philip Parga
17. In Memory of Jim Agans by Lincoln Speedway Memories 1948 – 1967
18. In Memory of my brother Bill Bauman by Ed Bauman
19. Nick Bauman Motorsports
20. Darin Stewart in memory of Kenny Dolenack

A-Main Winners Trophy in Memory of Jerry Stephens

1. In Memory of Speed Vaughn by Dave Vaughn and Family
2. In Memory of Al Archdale, Jr. by the Sollenberger Family
3. In Memory of Tommy Mislich Odell, IL. by the Mislich Family
4. In Memory of Willard Bess by Dan Dennis
5. In Memory of Tom Custer by Dan Dennis
6. CJ Motorsports Corey Haigh
7. In Memory of Wib Spaulding by Karen Groat
8. In memory of Ron Milton by Jay McQuinn
9. In Memory of John Livingston by John Jr., Vicky, Virginia and Jim
10. In Memory of Chuck Amati by Dan Dennis
11. In Memory of George and Edith Crawford by Josh Crawford
12. In Memory of Al Archdale, Sr. by the Sollenberger Family
13. CJ Motorsports Corey Haigh
14. In honor of Dean Shirley by Jay McQuinn
15. In Memory of Marvin Scattergood by Terry Young
16. In Honor of Bubby Jones by Bill Rogers
17. In Memory of Howard Lehmann by Terry Young
18. In Memory of Larry “Boom Boom” Cannon by Bill Rogers
19. CJ Motorsports Corey Haigh
20. In Memory of Chuck Amati by Cynthia Knop

Hornet Division
$150.00 Purse and A-Main Winners Trophy in Memory of John Osman and George Goodall by Midwest Speed Expo & Terry Young


Driver of the Year for 2015 – Bobby Pierce, Jr.

2011 Driver of the Year trophy2

Each year since 2008 a “Midwest Speed Driver of the Year” Award has been presented in memory of Cindy L. Young. Cindy was the Mother of Midwest Speed Expo organizer Terry Young. She passed away in 2007 after a battle with lung cancer. Since the first award was handed out we have handed out $5,000.00 in cash to these recipients!

This is with the cooperation of good friend Dave Poske at Poske Performance Parts and Ron Wick and Pam Sheppard at Wick Racing Fuel, with their sponsorship this award is possible!

driver of the year trophy 2012

The previous winners of the award are as follows:
2008 Dennis Erb
2009 Justin Allgaier and Jeff Leka (Dual Awards Presented)
2010 Jason Feger
2011 Jeff Herzog
2012 Mike Harrison
2013 Brian Shirley and Devin Gilpin (Dual Awards Presented)
2014 Brandon Sheppard
2015 Bobby Pierce, Jr.

Additionally, a new tradition was established in 2014 whereby from time to time special awards are presented in memory of fallen friends of the Midwest Speed Expo in honor of the recipients outstanding achievement. These are not annual awards.
2014 Dean Garland Memorial Award presented to Aaron Heck
2014 Rusty Allen Memorial Award presented to Bobby Pierce
2015 Gary Walters Memorial Award presented to Shannon Babb


12th Annual MIDWEST SPEED EXPO Jan. 10 and 11, 2015 has reached VENDOR sellout!!!!!

The 12th Annual MIDWEST SPEED EXPO has reached a VENDOR Sellout

The venue is the beautiful ORR BUILDING at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois, just inside Gate 9!

The show is just around the corner and promises to be the best Expo yet to hit the Midwest area. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to look over both new and used parts for all types of racing as well as catching the show specials from many of the vendors.

Show hours for the 12th Annual MIDWEST SPEED EXPO are 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. on both Saturday and Sunday, January 11 and 11, 2015.

What better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday just before the start of the new season? The MIDWEST SPEED EXPO is your opportunity to look over and purchase both new and used parts for your racing program as well as to talk with representatives from area tracks to catch up on any rule changes.

2015 vendors who have reserved their booths include: Arizona Sport Shirt and GOTTA RACE, Action Suspension, Aftershock Graphics, Allstar Performance, Allen Automotive, Alliance T-Shirts, R.A. Benson, Larry Bantz, Bland Bros. Enterprises, Roger Brickler Racing, Bunning Racing, Jimmy Burwell Motorsports, Marvin Burton Motorsports, C.C.Q.M.A., C.J. Motorsports, C&R Racing, Inc., Capital City Machine, Central Illinois Dragway, Central Illinois Sign Company, Cerro Gordo Speedway, Checkered Flag Graphics, CHIX GEAR, CILTRAK, Steve Cleer, Brian Crebo Motorsports, Tim Crumpler AMSOIL Oil, Davenport Performance, DYER’S Top Rod, E&E Motorsports, Chad Evans Motorsports, Fairbury Speedway, Farmer City Raceway, Five Star Racing Engines, Terry Gallaher Motorsports, Gardner Racing, GATEWAY Motorsports Park, Bob Gibson Performance Co., Matt Goulden Racing, Jake Griffin Racing, Griffin Performance, Doug Haack Vintage Racing Photos, Hammond Motorsports, Hoosier Tire Midwest, Impressive Race Cars, J.C. Race Parts, Jacksonville Speedway, KBC Graphix, KRJ Race Products, Kevin Kimmons Racing, Tim Lance Motorsports, Landrum Performance Springs, Jeff Leuschen ATG Toxic Tees, Lincoln Speedway, Mackay Engines, Macon Speedway, MAG’S Racing Supplies, Chase McDermand Racing, MIDSTATE Kart Club, Midwest Open Wheel Association, Roy Mitchell Racing, Mittler Bros. Machine and Tool, Greg Osman Racing #25, DOMINATOR Chassis, OUT-PACE Products, Performance Engineering & Manufacturing, Bob Pierce Race Cars, Quincy Raceways, Quick Start Electric, Racemarc, Raceway Shirt Club.com, Radical Race Gear, Rhoads Racing Promotions, Brandon Roberts, Rural Route Repair / B.A.D. Motorsports, S&R Creations, Brandon and Stevie Sheppard Motorsports, GTS Motorsports Tommy Sheppard, Schaeffer Manufacturing, Co., Sherman Enterprises, Rod Smith, Speed Custom & Performance, T.C. Racing Collectibles, Steve Thomas Motorsports BELL Safety Equipment, Toolin’ Around, UB Machine, Ryan Unzicker Racing, U.S. Race Gear, Varsitee Screenprinting, Velocita Race Suits, WEHR’S Machine, Bill West Enterprises, WICK Racing Fuels.

On Sunday the Annual Midwest Speed “DRIVER of the YEAR” will be named and awarded in memory of my mother Cindy Young. The award, sponsored by Dave Poske Performance Parts , Fire & Ale, Sherman, Illinois and WICK Oil will include $500.00 cash for the winning driver! The winner will join last years award winner Brandon Sheppard of New Berlin, 2013 co-winners Devin Gilpin and Brian Shirley, for 2012 Mike Harrison 2011, Jeff Herzog 2010, Jason Feger 2009 and 2008 co-winners Jeff Leka of Buffalo, Illinois and Justin Allgaier of Riverton, Illinois and Dennis Erb of Carpentersville, IL., winner of the inaugural award for 2007.

Also this year we will be remembering our fallen brother Gary Walters who passed away by awarding an OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT Award to one accomplished individual in memory of Gary just prior to awarding the Driver of the Year honors.

This show sells out EACH year and is jam-packed full of vendors ready to fulfill all of your needs, DON’T MISS OUT!

Make this a family event and bring the kids out for a day of action packed fun! Make your plans now and mark your calendar and don’t miss this event! Admission is just $7.00 for adults, Children under 10 are admitted free!

Additional information can be obtained by visiting www.midwestspeed.net